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Finding the Right Light for the Job

Finding the Right Light for the Job

Jan 10 2023
"What I love the most about Magicshine products is the feel and quality for a reasonable price." -Richard
About the Rider
Richard Jacobsen
5 years, 6-8 hrs. pr. week
Riding Style: Technical all Mountain
Current Product: MJ906s, Monteer 8000S
Night Riding Tips
What keeps you night riding?
I love riding in the dark. It gives an all new dimension to biking. The best is riding after dark at winter time! With studded tires and hard packed snow! And I love a good lamp with loads of light…

How many lights do you bring at night?
I' m using two lights. One on the helmet and one on the handlebar.

What tips do you have for night riding?
My tip will have to be use two lights!

What accessories do you usually bring when riding at night?
I’m bringing two batteries for the light on the helmet. And I’m bringing tools, water and a power bank for my phone. I always use a backpack!

When shopping for bike lights, what are the most important factors you consider?
Quality, lumens, battery time and it has to be user friendly!
With Magicshine
Why did you choose the Monteer 8000s and MJ-906S?(and when do you take this light out with you)?
I use to have the Magicshine Monteer 8000 mounted low in the middle of the handlebar. But since I’m mostly using a electric MTB I wanted to be able to use the battery on the bike. Unfortunately the Monteer 8000 couldn’t be used with the bike battery. Then I got the MAGICSHINE MJ-906S which can be used with a electric bike. That light got 4500 lumen wich is OK but not as good as the Monteer 8000 with 8000 lumen.
On my helmet I got the Magicshine MJ 906 with two batteries. I’m using the app to control it and I’ve made some different settings for where and what I’m riding.

Apart from Magicshine, have you used any other bike light brands? Can you list a few comparisons between their products and Magicshine's products?
I’ve mostly used Magicshine products. Before I used some crappy “China-lamps”…

Can you share any feedback about us? Pros and cons.
What I love the most about Magicshine products is the feel and quality for a reasonable price. What I don’t like is the fact that the battery doesn’t last as long as I want and I think maybe the lumen isn’t as high as they promise…


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