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The Golden Blade Is never Aged

The Golden Blade Is never Aged

Race Tips from the Winner, Michael Goldfarb

July. 24 2023
Michael is a veteran professional rider and our very lovely companion! In this 24 Hours of Iron Maiden competition, he won the 1st place with his outstanding strength! Youth and energy never fade because of the passing of time! If you're worried about the fading time, check out Michael's story! I believe his words can bring you enough power! We asked this old friend for advice on his feelings and race tips, race prep and workout advice, and more. Here are the details of the interview:

First Part - "Please briefly introduce yourself"

Michael Goldfarb
• Mountain biking and road riding for 34 years.
• Have races 6 24 hour solo events. Finished 3rd at Wasau24 and 1st at 24 hours of Iron Maiden.
• My daughter and I did her 1st century ride together during Covid.

24 hours of Iron Maiden

Second Part

1. Could you describe your feelings about this race (Including before, during, and after the race)?

• This was my first time racing the 24 hours of Iron Maiden, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My main focus was to stay hydrated as the temperatures were extreme at 106 degrees- 41 celsius. The race meeting focused on being safe and the symptoms of heat stroke.
• During the race I focused on learning where the difficult features of the trail were and climbs. This helped me know where to drink and eat.
• I ended up moving from 3rd place to 1st, a nice surprise.

2. As we all know, this is a 24-hour cycling race, and I believe the ride is very tough. So, what techniques did you use to distribute your energy during the different stages?

• I rode in zone 2 during the race. Zone 2 is where you’re aerobic, but not anaerobic.
• I don’t peddle going downhill, I let gravity do its job. I try to stay off my breaks as much as possible. When climbing I get in an easy gear that doesn’t cause me to spin to fast or have to come out the saddle to turn the cranks. I lean the bike into corners versus turning or steering the bike.

24 hours of Iron Maiden

3. For this race, what supplies are necessary to prepare?

• Bring 2 of everything. Having a backup will ensure you have a good race and finish.
• Magicshine lights. I run Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2.0 on my handlebars and MJ 906S on my helmet. Have a set of back up batteries.
• Water and food- bring more than you will need.
• I bring 2 bikes. Always good to have a back up if one has a bad mechanical failure. If you don’t have a back up bike, get it tuned 3 or 4 weeks out before the race. This will give you enough time to make sure all is running well.
• Ice for your water bottles.
• I bring 4 full sets of kits. Base layers, tops, bottoms and socks.
• Rain gear and even warm riding gear. The weather can change quickly.
• 2 pairs of shoes
• Multi tool.

24 hours of Iron Maiden

4. What workouts did you do in preparation for this race? Did you have a diet plan?

• During winter( Minnesota winters are long) I do a trainer every other day for 1 hour. I listen to music and watch YouTube videos of races to keep me for getting bored.
• During spring and summer I ride every other day, 2 to 3 hours after work. Once a week I will ride 4 to 6 hours and get my hydration and nutrition set that I will use for the race.
• I don’t have a set diet plan. I eat lots of steak, chicken, broccoli, pasta, and rice. I stay away from fast food or processed foods.
• I don’t have a complicated plan, as I keep things simple. This makes training and diet much easier and more enjoyable.

24 hours of Iron Maiden

5. Could you share your workout routine (frequency of workouts and average length of each workout)?

• During winter( Minnesota winters are long) I d o a trainer every other day for 1 hour.
• During spring and summer I ride every other day, 2 to 3 hours after work. Once a week I will ride 4 to 6 hours.

6. Can you share some of the routes you ride during your workouts? I believe this would be very helpful for our fans!

• I ride multiple trail systems to keep my mountain biking skills sharp. Different trails have different features, and I believe it’s helpful to mix it up.


7. What is your impression of Magicshine, and how have Magicshine products helped you?

• I discovered Magicshine on YouTube as they were awarded best bike light by multiple sites. The construction is well-built and the brightness/lumens is the best that you can buy.
• I run Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2.0 on my handlebars and MJ 906S on my helmet. I’m able to ride faster at night with confidence, as I can see what is coming up in plenty of time. See more do better!!


8. How do you think cycling has made a difference in your life?

• Cycling is part of my life and has given me such incredible experiences throughout the years. I believe that I’m a happier, heather and less stressed person because of it.

24 hours of Iron Maiden

9. Can you share some of your cycling tips?

• Perhaps some day I will write a quick start guide to racing 24 hour events as I have many tips and tricks. Here are a few of my favorites.
• Before starting on this journey, see your doctor and explain what you are wanting to do and get a physical. Starting with a clean bill of health is smart!
• Where light colors. A white Jersey is what I wear.
• Train in zone 2, where you are aerobic and will gain huge benefits on race day.
• When you do a large training ride, figure out your hydration and eating so that when you do race you have everything dialed in. The day of the race stick to that plan and don’t use any free samples you receive from the vendors, save it for training.
• Bring extra of everything. Water, food, sunscreen, equipment, tools, and anything else you feel you will need. Write everything down and check it off as you pack.
• Most important, have fun and smile! It makes the time and miles go by much quicker.


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