Why choose magicshine?

Magicshine has been specializing in bike lights for 23 years since 1999, and its mission is to provide high-performance lights for professional nighttime outdoor events, keeping people safe in the dark.


Top engineering team

Magicshine has engineering experts who have been working in the development of bicycle lights for 12 years. Each model of Magicshine light is the most competitive high-end product in the market.


Best value for money

At Magicshine.us, every light you buy is the best price. You won’t find anything on the market with such high performance at the same price.


24x7 customer service

Our customer service is always online and will not miss the information of every customer. For any problem with the order, you can get a satisfactory solution.

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Free Warranty plan

For every light offered by Magicshine.us, you have a free 12-month warranty plan. Check how to apply for a warranty plan.

Our style

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