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Black Friday Deals Details:
1. Black Friday time: Nov 17-30, 2023 EST
2. Participating website:
3. Black Friday rules:
    1). Hot Sale products save up to 55% off, MEGA COMBO save up to $255.
    2). Lucky Box: 
        Nov 17-21,2023 EST, First 50 shoppers receive a free Lucky box valued at $74 for orders over $249!
        Nov 24-25,2023 EST, First 50 shoppers receive a free Lucky box valued at $99 for orders over $300!
        Nov 28-30,2023 EST, First 50 shoppers receive a free Lucky box valued at $64 for orders over $200!

Terms and Conditions: 

1. All store discount codes will be invalid during the Black Friday event. Only gift cards can be applied to your purchase. 
2. Lucky boxes will ship separately from your order after you confirm receipt of your purchase. If you return your purchased product/s, you also need to return the Lucky box.
3. Lucky boxes may include EVO 1700, ALLTY1500S, SEEMEE 300, SEEMEE 20 V2.0, SEEMEE 50, ALLTY 200, SEEMEE 150, CLASSIC SUNGLASSES, PHOTOCHROMIC SUNGLASSES, POLARIZED SUNGLASSES, WATERPROOF TOP TUBE BAG. Lucky box selections are shipped randomly according to the shipping rules and shoppers cannot pick their Lucky box product.
4. Lucky boxes cannot be returned or exchanged except where they have quality issues. In the case of the return of the main purchased product, the gift shall also be returned together.
5. When a user has multiple orders, each order that meets rules of the Lucky Box campaign will be given a corresponding Lucky Box. The more you buy, the more lucky boxes you get, while stocks last.
6. If the official Magicshine Store has reasonable grounds to believe that you are involved in suspicious and unusual purchase behavior, such as placing fraudulent orders, the official Magicshin Store reserves the right to decline or cancel your order and disqualify you for the lucky boxes.
7. Gift card orders are not eligible for lucky boxes campaign.


Gift Card(5% off during Black Friday)

How to use: 

1. Earn a gift card on (Gift cards purchased between November 9 and 30 will automatically receive a 5% discount.)
2. Get a confirmation email (Check your spam folder as well, in case)
3.  Enter the gift card code during your next purchase.
Bonus: The gift card can also be used during our Black Friday event (Nov. 17- 23, 2023) to enjoy a double discount (up to US$255 off) on your favorite items, even on our Mega Combo, exclusive during Black Friday! Check out more about our incredible Black Friday Deals here!

1. The gift card is only available for purchases made on
2. The MAGICSHINE Gift Card is available for all products, but cannot be redeemed for new gift cards.
3. If the price of a Magicshine product exceeds the value of the gift card, additional payment will be required at checkout.
4. You will receive an email confirmation after your successful purchase (please check your spam folder as well)
5. Your gift card will be immediately effective at your next purchase. Magicshine Gift Cards never expire.

If you have questions, please email

Gift Card Terms and Conditions:
1. Magicshine Gift Cards are issued and managed by and are only valid for purchases made from
2. Magicshine Gift Cards are not reloadable and cannot be redeemed for purchases from Magicshine distributors or for cash.
3. If the price of a Magicshine product exceeds the value of the gift card, additional payment will be required at checkout.
4. Magicshine Gift Cards are not for resale.
5. Magicshine Gift Cards never expire.
6. Magicshine Gift Card Refunds: In the event of a return of a product purchased with a gift card, the amount will only be refunded to the gift card. (If you used the gift card and made an additional payment at the same time, the additional payment will be refunded in your original form of payment as well.)
7. Magicshine Gift Cards are invalid where they are prohibited or restricted by law. Magicshine Gift Card terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
8. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.
9. To make sure your Magicshine Gift Card code is protected from scammers, please follow the tips below:
    1). View your Magicshine Gift Card redemption code as cash.
    2). Never give or send your Magicshine Gift Card code to anyone else.
    3). Your Magicshine Gift Card can only be redeemed when checking out at
    4). Do not use your Magicshine Gift Card to pay anyone outside of the Magicshine platform.


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To return a product, please email your order number, the reason for your return, and a photo/video of the problem to our customer support team at: (order from online store) (order from other sales channels) Our service team will provide timely service, typically providing a response within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) to resolve your issue.

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Please keep your proof of purchase in a safe place. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. Please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the product to initiate warranty claims. If your warranty claim is justified, delivery of a replacement product is limited to current models and inventory.

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Discount codes can only be used once. Invalid, expired, and/or used discount codes will not be accepted.
Yes! Your team members can get a 20% discount. Please apply to be our brand ambassador at here and email our marketing specialist after registration. 
Discount codes can only be used once.

All discount codes can't be used during Black Friday.


You have 3 options to track your order.

  1. When your order ship, Magicshine will send you a confirmation email that includes a link to track your order.
  2. You can track your order by entering your order number and email/phone number at: aftership
  3. You can sign into your Magicshine account for detailed order and shipping information.

*For orders with more than one item, Magicshine will try to ship all your items at once. To get your items to you as soon as possible, some items may ship separately (you will receive all the tracking numbers through email).

Payments may fail for multiple reasons, including incomplete or incorrect address or payment information, discount code errors, etc. These issues are not under the control of Magicshine. Please double-check your informatoin before contacting customer support.
In most cases, you do not need to pay duties and taxes. However, if charged, Magicshine will cover import tax charges (usually around 20%-30% of the product's declared value). You are responsible for paying local customs charges once your shipment arrives at the destination. For import tax bills, email a copy to us and we will refund you within 1-2 days (see our Support page for contact information).
Magicshine will send you an order confirmation after your order has been received; this email contains an electronic copy of the invoice. You can also sign into your account to obtain an electronic invoice of your order.

If you want to cancel your order, please contact us right away. If your order has already shipped, we cannot process the cancellation until after you receive your order. If your order has shipped, you will be charged for shipping and the shipping cost to return your order.

Please contact customer service. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Delay: orders may be delayed due to factors beyond our control, such as weather or health epidemics. We will contact you about the delay promptly.
No tracking update: Some orders may lack tracking updates because the courier has not provided tracking information. Please email us your order number and we will check with the courier to provide you with an update.
Please contact us if your order does not arrive. Magichine will investigate the case with the courier, and if confirmed, a replacement order will be sent.
If the product is missing after the courier reports it has been delivered, please contact customer support. Magicshine will check with the local courier. If we determine that the failure was due to the courier, we will send a replacement order. If delivery by the courier is confirmed, Magicshine will not replace the order.
* We will inform you immediately once we receive any update from our courier partner.
* Please understand Magicshine has multiple global courier partners and we will do our best to provide support for your order.
* Magichshine will keep optimizing our courier partner network to best serve our customers.
* Please understand the identification and confirmation process take 1-2 business days or more before the re-sending.
Wrong Products:
If we ship the wrong products, contact us within seven days of receiving your order. We will work with you to return your order and get the right product to you.

Product General Questions

To use your light with a GoPro mount you’ll need the Magicshine® Garmin to Gopro Adapter, or probably Magicshine® MJ-6273 Garmin to Gopro Adapter with Screw Handle.
The Garmin to Gopro Adapter come by default in the packages of following lights.
Allty 400
Allty 600
Allty 800
Allty 1000
Allty 1500
RN 1200
Allty 2000
For Monteer series lights, both adpater is availbale for purchase separately.
Monteer 3500S
Monteer 5000S
Monteer 6500S
Monteer 8000S

1. Charge your battery pack after every use. Do not allow to become fully discharged.

2. Do not leave on the charger for more than 24 hours. (The protection circuit will cut off the charge but a small amount of current still leaks through.)

3. Do not attempt to fast charge your battery pack.

4. Avoid excessive heat. (Leaving it on the dash of your car on a hot summer day will shorten it's life)

5. The best conditions for long term storage (over the summer) are in a cool place and with a 50% charge. (A full charge puts more strain on the cells) You can even store the pack in a zip-lock in the refrigerator if you have the space. If stored for more than 3 or 4 months you should check the charge state and top up if necessary.

6. Do not allow your battery to be short-circuited. If the wire becomes damaged, repair before use. All our battery packs have an internal circuit breaker that will shut the battery off if a short occurs. The breaker is reset by attaching the battery to the charger.

7. A battery that has been over charged or discharged can become unstable and result in high temperatures or even fire. For extra safety when charging the battery-pack, remove from the bike, and place in a fire proof container. Always charge in an isolated area, away from other flammable materials. For instance a wooden work bench, carpet etc.

8. Another safety issue is cold temperature charging. Li-ion batteries cannot be charged when they are below 0 degrees Celsius, 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the packs appear to be charging normally, plating of metallic lithium occurs on the anode while on a sub-freezing charge. The plating is permanent and cannot be removed. If done repeatedly, such damage can compromise the safety of the pack.

9. The battery will become more vulnerable to failure if subjected to impact, crush or high rate charging.

Batteries are considered hazardous waste in California when they are discarded. This includes AAA, AA, C, D, button cell, 9-volt, and all other batteries, both rechargeable and single-use. All batteries must be recycled or taken to a household hazardous waste disposal facility, a universal waste handler (e.g., storage facility or broker), or an authorized recycling facility.
For MJ-6112, MJ-6116 and MJ-6116C
These batteries can be charged via Magicshine MJ-6072 wall charger as well as most mainstream USB charging bricks via Micro USB, protocal for these battery units is 5V/2A. The two available ports are USB-A(for powering other devices) and Micro-USB(for charging the battery itself).
For MJ-6118 (7.2V 10Ah)
Compatible with Magicshine MJ-6072 wall charger as well as most mainstream USB chargers via USB Type-C, protocal for this unit are 5V/3A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A. Only one available USB Type-C port for input and output.
We recommend an 18W charger for MJ-6118 to minimize charging time.
First of all, the Magicshine TTA out front style bike mount is compatible with all Garmin quarter turn style devices. For some of our lights that are not Garmin compatible we have made special adapters that will replace existing mounting mechanisms. Current Magicshine lights that will be compatible with TTA mount are MJ-900(Mount connector), MJ-902(Mount connector), MJ-906 (Mount connector), Allty 400, Allty 600, Allty 800, Allty 1000, Allty 2000, RN1200, Monteer1400(Mount connector), Monteer 3500S, Monteer 5000S, Monteer 6500s and Monteer 8000S.
Daytime riding: In broad daylight there is a lot of ambient light, so a steady burn light is unlikely to stand out. During daytime riding, it’s a good idea to use your lights on the brightest, most attention-grabbing pattern they have, because it’s easy for drivers to judge your position when your whole bike is visible, and you want to grab attention quickly.
Riding at night: High-intensity forward-facing lights should not be flashed alone at night, especially if they put out over 200 lumens. You run the risk of disorienting oncoming traffic (be it on 4 or 2 wheels), and make it difficult to estimate your position and speed. Having one flashing light and one steady light is a good compromise — you can grab drivers’ attention but the steady light helps improve distance estimates.


1. Clean your light. Over the years we've found that a dry tooth brush is the best way to get rid of any mud or debris, Nick our repair man swears by them! Please don't be tempted to jet wash your light, although waterproof to IP67 this is surely a step too far and really not necessary. A quick rub down with a damp cloth and then a thorough dry with one of those lovely microfibre cloths will do the job perfectly! If you do still have one of the older style batteries with a bag, it's a good idea at this point to check it for wear and tear and replace if necessary. Remember a damp battery bag is bound to rot over the summer and will not do the battery terminals any good at all.

2. Fully charge the battery. Lithium ion batteries need to trickle out a small amount of charge at all times (even when not in use). If your battery is left empty or with very little charge for any length of time it will enter a state of deep discharge and you will not be able to recharge it next season. If you are thinking of leaving the battery unused from now until the Autumn, We would seriously suggest diarising to recharge your battery every month or so to keep it in tip top condition. It will not last for 6 months without charge.

3. Disconnect the battery from the lighthead. Check the cables for wear and tear, make sure they are free from mud and are perfectly dry. If you leave the battery connected to the lighthead you may find it impossible to recharge. Disconnect it now!!!

4. Store the lightset in a cool place. It is important to store your lightset in a cool, dry place whilst it is not in use, preferably inside the original packaging so it is properly protected. Temperature is the single most important step for prologing the life of your battery and therefore your lightset. The cooler the better, in fact the fridge is ideal, one word of warning your shed may be freezing in the winter but often they're a sun trap in the summer! Never allow your battery to freeze - it will render it useless.

Run times will vary depending on ambient conditions and the power output of your lights. Broadly speaking you can expect between 2.5 and 3 hours on a 900 lumen output light. However these are lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion provides very high power over extended periods of time and they are also flexible in terms of re-charging. However they are similar to the batteries in laptops and mobile phones. We provide instructions on how to charge, frequency etc but one of the features of this type of battery is that their output will diminish over time - as laptop and mobile phone batteries do.

For all front lights: It's not advisable to charge the lights with a mobile power source during regular use, as it may damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. However, it can be used in emergencies. (Note: Riding with the lights completely without power is not recommended.)

For all tail lights: The SEEMEE series tail lights do not support charging while in use.

Product Problems - Monteer Series

No, the Monteer Series cannot work as an ebike light. Using the Monteer Series with an ebike battery will burn out the light. Check out our e-bike specific lights.

Follow these steps to pair your remote to your light:
1. Disconnect your light from the battery.
2. Press both buttons on the remote at the same time until the light flashes.
3. Reconnect the light to the battery.
4. Pairing is successful when the light blinks once or the remote control indicator stops blinking.
Please check the user manual for more information.
  1. Before first use, be sure to remove the clear plastic protector on the back of the remote battery.
  2. Be sure the battery is installed correctly.
  3. Replace the battery.
  4. Press the remote buttons to make sure the remote has power; the indicator light show illuminate when the buttons are pressed.
  1. Make sure the battery is fully charge. Note that it may take up to 10 hours to fully charge your battery.
  2. Connect your fully charged battery to your light and connect the battery cable. Then press the battery button. If the green LEDs do not illuminate, there is a problem with the battery cable.
  3. If the battery's green LEDs shine after it's connected to the cable, plug the cable into the light head and press the battery power button; if the LEDs do not light, there might be a problem with the light head.
  4. If the battery is fully charged and the light head can turn on, wiggle the cable at the light head and at the battery connection to see if the light goes off, indicating a connection problem.
Our runtime data are measured in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 standards. Tests are conducted at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and a wind speed of 25 km/h. Actual runtimes may vary for many reasons, including ambient temperature, wind speed and direction, ventilation conditions, battery condition, etc.
1. Please check if use extension cable, this will cause the light head can not calculate well of the batery power. 
If no use of extension cable, when battery got 2 green lights, which means battery may have over 50% or may near 30%, the second indicate light even show green, the power may almost run out, need to recharge the battery to know the exact power level. 
2. If battery full, charging time is normal, but the light head also show red or red flashing, please contact warranty team for service.
Please follow these steps to help determine the problem.
1. Disconnect the battery from the light and fully charge the battery. Once charged, press the battery's power switch; if the battery indicator light is flashing, the battery is good.
Our batteries include a self-protection circuit for the safety of our customers. If a battery receives an external charge, it may passively trigger the self-protection function and power off the battery.
If this is not the problem, continue troubleshooting to determine if the problem is with the connection cable or the light head.
2. Inspect the connection cable to ensure there is no damage to the cable. Then connect the battery cable to the battery and the light head. Press the battery test button and if the green LEDs flash but the power switch on the light head does not illuminate, the connector cable may be the problem.
3. If a fully charged battery with normally functioning test LEDs is connected to the light head, but the light head does not have power, the light head is most likely the problem. Wiggle the connector cable at the light head and the battery to see if there is a connector problem, indicating a problem with the connector cable.
Please take a video of your inspection diagnostics and share it with and our after-sales team will help you resolve the problem.

Product Problems - RAY Series

The light has three light modes, each of which is intended to convey a different meaning.

Green light: fully charged/battery indication (100%-20%)

Red light:

  1. Charging - red light breathing flashing.
  2. Red light for power display (20%-10%)
  3. Power display flashing red (10%-0%)
  4. To enter lockout mode: In standby mode, press and hold the switch for 5 seconds until the power indicator flashes red.
  5. To release the lockout mode: In the lockout mode, press and hold the switch for 5S until the power indicator is red.

Blue light: mode selection

  1. Standby state, press the up and down keys at the same time to enter mode selection, click the up key to select the intelligent mode (blue light is on constantly).
  2. Click the lower key to select normal mode (blue flashing).

Perhaps you can follow this light mode to find the cause. It is recommended to refer to the manual for light operation to unlock the lights.

  1. The wired remote control cannot be used at the same time as charging the lights.
  2. RAY 1600 /1600B/ 2100 / 2600 /2600B can be used with remote control.

Product Problems - RN Series

The RN3000 lamps have a locking feature. Each 3000 lamp is shipped from the factory with the locking mode turned on to prevent the lamp from being accidentally opened in transit and burning the high lumen lamp inside the package.
Please follow the instructions for lockout mode.
To enter lockout mode: In standby mode, press and hold the switch for 5 seconds until the power indicator flashes red.
To release the lockout mode: In the lockout mode, press and hold the switch for 5S until the power indicator is red.

Product Problems - SEEMEE Series

With Seemee 100, 180 and 200 bike tail lights. Constant and most flash modes will only last 1.5 to about 3 hours. Only certain the flash patterns can last longer than that. Also having the brake sensor active on a busy road will likely run down the battery as well. For maximizing runtime on your Seemee 100, 180 and 200, please consider turning the brake sensor off and use either the Interactive or the Flash patterns.
To turn on/off the brake sensor: With the light off, press and hold the power button. The light will come on, ignore it. At the end of the 5th second you might notice a change in light pattern. If the light on constant after 5 seconds= brake sensor turned ON. Fast flashes after 5 seconds= brake sensor turned OFF.
Please note: double pressing the power button will switch between the 3 main lighting modes, CONSTANT, FLASH and SMART modes(in that order). Single press to cycle options within the mode, this will cycle brightness under CONSTANT, and flash patterns under FLASH. Under SMART mode, single press does nothing as there are no additional options. The light sensor in this mode works automatically based on ambient light. It is not considered one of the main flash modes. The SMART mode can last up to 3 hours at night and way longer during the day.
When the light is on CONSTANT mode, double press to enter FLASH mode, under which, single press to cycle between the 4 main flash patterns, Breathe, Comet, Flash, and Interactive(in that order.) Breathe and Comet are slow and gradual patterns, fading in and out, lasting in the neighborhood of 2-3 hours, while Flash and Interactive are fast and instant, offering longer runtime on Seemee 100, 180 and 200 models.

Questions about the waterproof function. Please check the following three points and show us the appearance of the product and the water intake part in pictures or videos. We will make further progress and provide solutions.

  1. Waterproof level will down with its life time.
  2. If the charging port not well covered, water will ingress from there, this beyond warranty, after disassemble the light, can see clearly some parts already corrosion.
  3. Light if damaged ,especially the lens part broken, water will leak in, which will cause light failed.
The built-in motion sensor automatically switches to maximum output when you hit the brake.
*MOTION SENSOR ON: When the taillight is off, press and hold the switch for 3s until the taillight lights up constantly at the highest output.
*MOTION SENSOR OFF: When the taillight is off, press and hold the switch for 3s until the light keeps flashing quickly at the highest output.
Every time you turn on the light, it will automatically detect whether the motion sensor is on. If the motion sensor is on, the indicator lights up blue for 3 seconds. If the motion sensor is off, the indicator will not light up.
Single recording (no tail light on), lab data for 7 hours. The instruction manual is not marked, but it can be used in this way. Continuity and DV tail light can be turned on and off at the same time and used separately, 10% power When the DV will be forced to turn off, the tail light is still on, the battery life is counted until the tail light is completely off, so there are 8.5H.
Your lights probably dead. After the crash, repeatedly press the switch quickly to return to normal, crash and recovery are probabilistic.
In response to this phenomenon, we have produced a "reset cable" with a repair function, that is, a new charging cable, which has a reset function and can be reset when there is an abnormal charge.
Please provide the order number. The order number of the official mall/US website is MS- four digits/five digits. According to the information
you provided, I will apply for delivery for you. If you buy in other stores, please apply for after-sales service directly.
Under the APP impact sensitivity option, you can select: High/Medium/Low, three options are available and cannot be defined by the user.
The new SEEMEE DV light comes with an 16GB memory card. If you need to choose your own SD card, it must be C10 or above, below C10 reading and writing too slowly will cause abnormal DV video recording, as the default loop recording, Maximum limit 128BG.
If you have changed the wifi connection password of the lights, but you forget it, you can't connect to the APP, users can't restore the operation, this product doesn't add the function of one-key restoration of factory settings when setting, at present, you can only return to the factory to re-burn the programme.

User Manual

Click here to download User Manual.