Shipping Policy


1. Account

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2. Order Processing

Magicshine ships worldwide (except Russia and Ukraine), and our customer service team will contact you promptly if we encounter special circumstances that can't ship products to you.

For orders placed before 23:00 PM (Pacific time) will process within 48 hours.
For orders placed after 23:00 PM (Pacific time) will process on the next business day.
*except public holiday or other uncontrollable factors


3. Courier or Delivery Options

Usually, Magicshine uses DHL, UPS, USPS, PPL, Yunexpress and 4PX. The choice of shipping methods may vary depending on location.


4. Shipping Cost

Order Cost Shipping Fee
Over $44.99 Free
Under $44.99 $9.9

5. Tax

In most cases, you do not need to pay duties and taxes. However, if it's charged, we will cover the tax (usually around 20%-30% of the product's declared value). You will need to pay the local customs first once the product arrives at the destination. Please email us the tax bill, and we will refund you within 1-2 days.


6. Estimated delivery time

The shipping time to the countries below typically ranges between 3-10 business days. To remote areas/islands of a particular country or for more specific questions, please contact our support team.

Due to warehouse inventory, some orders may take extra time to arrive. Our support team will email you within 48 hours to remind you of the update.


Countries Shipping Time(Jan-Sep) Shipping Time(Oct-Dec)
United States 3-10 working days 5-12 working days
Canada 3-10 working days 5-12 working days
EU Countires 3-10 working days 5-12 working days
Mexico 3-10 working days 5-12 working days
Korea 3-10 working days 5-12 working days
Japan 3-10 working days 5-12 working days
Singapore 3-10 working days 5-12 working days
Africa 21-28 working days 25-35 working days
South America 21-28 working days 25-35 working days

We are in the process to optimise our global warehouse and courier options. The shipping time may take longer than expected if there’s an inventory shortage in our global warehouses. Should you have any feedback, feel free to let us know.

To give our customers a better shopping experience, we have added new regional websites in the UK, Spain, and Australia, which can provide a better and faster logistic experience and local after-sales service.

For those customers from UK, Spain, and Australia, please visit the below regional stores for purchasing.

UK Store | Spain Store | Australia Store can't fulfill the orders to the below countries. Thank you for being so understanding. 

UK | Spain | Australia | Poland

7. Tracking

After placing an order, Magicshine will send you a shipping confirmation email. You can track your order through this email.

Alternatively, you can track it by entering your order number & email/phone number

You can also sign into your account for detailed order and shipping information.

*For order more than one item- Magicshine will try to make sure all your items reach you at the same time. However, due to inventory issues, multiple products may not be shipped together. But we will send you all the tracking numbers through email.


8. Delay/No tracking update/Missing/Wrong product

Delay - In case of uncontrollable factors, such as natural disasters and epidemic situations, logistics will be delayed. We will contact you about the delay issue ASAP.

No tracking update - Due to courier operation ( outside of Magicshine control), some orders may lack tracking update. Please email us your order number, and we will help to check with the courier support team for any updates.

If the product is missing during transportation, Magichine will help to check and identify it in 1-2 working days and re-send a new one if confirmed missing.

If the product is missing after the delivery- the tracking status shows delivery, but you do not receive it. Magicshine will help to check with the local courier within 1-2 working days. We will re-send a new one if we confirm it's Magicshine/Courier's fault. If it's because of the receiver's fault, Magicshine will not cover the missing cost.
* We will inform you immediately once we receive any update from our courier partner.
* Please understand Magicshine has global courier partners, and we do not handle the delivery ourselves, but we will do our best to help and check for you.
* Magichshine will keep optimizing our courier partner to improve the delivery success rate.
* Please understand the identification and confirmation process takes 1-2 business days before the re-sending.

Wrong Products-If we ship the wrong products, contact us within seven days of receipt of shipment. Then please cooperate with us to return the wrong product. We will be responsible for the shipping cost and we will send you the right product immediately after the error is identified.


9. Change of Shipping Address

Magicshine will deliver products according to the address you entered for the order. If you want to change your address, please contact us before your order is shipped. If you want to change your address after your order has shipped, please contact our Customer Service Team. We'll help you with that, but please note that you will be charged an extra fee for changing your address if the products have been shipped.


10. Order cancellation

If you want to cancel your order, please contact us before your order is shipped. If your product is on the way, we can only process the cancellation after you receive the product. Please note that you will be charged the shipping fee, and we will refund you after receiving the product.