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Missouri Off Road Cyclists spread the word on how much fun night riding is with the help from Magicshine

Missouri Off Road Cyclists spread the word on
how much fun night riding is with the help from Magicshine

I have been hosting the Wednesday night mountain bike ride in the Springfield area for several years and one of the most frequent questions I get is: "What kind of light should I use?" I usually send them to some youtube videos and tell them what I am currently using.

I was very happy to hear from RunBikeMike when he told us that Magicshine had donated 6 lights for us to test. While many of the regulars have lights, many were interested in trying these out. We've been able to have a few rides and each time I have set up 1-3 people with the new lights. The 1500 lumen bar light (ALLTY 1500) has proven to have a very nice throw and wide beam that is so important when riding at night. The 4500 lumen lights (MJ-906S) were very bright and really throws light well and right where you need it to go fast on the trail! We even ran into someone on the trail that had been using his Magicshine helmet light for the last 10+ years. That is definitely a testament to the durability of the product.

While we look forward to introducing these lights to a whole new set of riders this year I do have some final thoughts on the use/durability of the accessories. The lights themselves are straightforward and work great. The mounts have been shown to have some weak points. The bar mount must be carefully put on so you do not overtighten. It is a fine line between perfect and breaking the plastic strap that goes around the bar. It is great that the light attachment is a Garmin type twist mount. These can be used on any Garmin mount if you already have one on your bike. The external battery that comes with the 4500 lumen light is very nice and holds a good charge for longer rides. All in all these are great lights at a reasonable price.


MORC Night Ride Coordinator


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