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Night Riding Tips from Elie Dolgin: All Riding Style

Night Riding Tips from Elie Dolgin: All Riding Style

About the Rider:
I am a recreational cyclist who loves all styles of riding, from fat biking along snowmobile trails and mountain biking on single-track to gravel riding on unkempt roads and road cycling along the concrete.

Name: Elie Dolgin
Country: USA
Riding Time: All the time!
Riding Style: Everything (MTB, gravel, commuting, etc.)
Product: Many, but most beloved is the Monteer 6500S ZEUS Enduro MTB Light

Night Riding Tips

1) What keeps you riding at night?

I love the thrill and solitude of riding along quiet country roads and snowmobile trails in Northeastern Vermont. Also, it's sometimes easier to get out at night with small children.

2) What kind of light do you use at night?

Monteer 6500S ZEUS Enduro MTB Light on the bars
ALLTY 500 Urban Bike Light on my helmet
SEEMEE200 (plus an extra, in case the battery dies)

3) What tips do you have for night riding?

Plan for dead batteries. Always bring spare lights and build redundancy into your setup.

4) What accessories do you bring along when riding at night?

Extra lights.

5) What are the most important factors you consider when shopping for bike lights?

Price, quality of illumination, battery length, mounting ease.

With Magicshine

Why did you choose Monteer 6500S product, and how did it help you?

I first bought the Monteer 6500S, which came recommended. I liked it. The price was right. So I have since bought many smaller accessories — flashlights, helmet lights, rear lights, etc.

What feature do you like most about the Magicshine product you are using?

These things are BRIGHT! And super easy to mount.

Can you share special occasions like racing/events for you to use our product?

N/a. I haven't done any organized night rides.

Apart from Magicshine, have you used any other bike light brands? Can you list a few comparisons between their products and Magicshine's products?

See. Sense, comparable quality in front USB-powered lights, but generally more expensive.

Can you share any feedback about us? Pros and cons.

My only quibbles are short battery life with some products, and a more advanced warning (or way of knowing battery strength when not near-drained) would be helpful.


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