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The Monteer 8000: More Than Just a MTB Light?

The Monteer 8000
More than just a MTB light?

Jan 6 2023
"Magicshine helped me a lot when driving my bike because I can reach the last corner with your lights thanks for making good lights I hope to continue buying your items soon. --- Alexis
About the Rider
5 years Riding experience
Riding Style:Urban & MTB
Current Product: Monteer8000s v2.0
Monteer 8000s V2.0
Night Riding Tips
What keeps you night riding?
Night riding is exciting.

How many lights do you bring at night?

What tips do you have for night riding?
When I go out at dawn I take my lights and my tools. And it is better to bring two lights for backup.

What accessories do you usually bring when riding at night?
When I go out at dawn I take my lights and my tools.

When shopping for bike lights, what are the most important factors you consider?
Cycling group leaders' suggestion.
With Magicshine
Why did you choose the Monteer 8000?(and when do you take this light out with you)?
Monteer8000s is the most cost-effective lamp in high current.

Apart from Magicshine, have you used any other bike light brands? Can you list a few comparisons between their products and Magicshine's products?
Lupine. Magicshine offers better value for money.

Can you share any feedback about us? Pros and cons.
I love Magicshine but I would like more battery capacity for more hours at night. If I use low-end lights, nothing compared to Magicshine.


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