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Brett Rheeder Reclaims Throne at 2022 Red Bull Rampage

Brett Rheeder Reclaims Throne at 2022 Red Bull Rampage

This year marked the 16th edition of the legendary freeride mountain bike event and Red Bull Rampage 2022 did not disappoint.
welcome back to the top Nicholi Rogatkin
Nathan Van De Graaff
Oct 25 2022
There is arguably no bigger mountain biking spectacle than Red Bull Rampage. Held just outside the stunning Zion National Park in the deserts of Southern Utah, the event attracts the biggest names in freeride mountain biking like Brandon Semenuk, Cam Zink, and Brett Rheeder. This year’s event, the 16th time the event has been held, saw many of the same faces we are used to seeing atop podiums, but also featured newcomers like Dylan Stark and Alex Volokhov looking to make a bigger name for themselves.
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Fresh off his win at Crainkworx Cairns, Nicholi Rogatkin took time on Instagram to give his followers a behind the scenes look at what goes into making Rampage a success. Essential work from trail builders puts a little extra lip on the (in)famous canyon gap, and their efforts to hose down sketchier lines and landings should, in theory, help to keep rubber side down. You gotta love his skills as a host!
In the end, the results should come as no surprise.
Canadian Brett Rheeder continued his excellent form as of late and claimed his second Red Bull Rampage crown, with the “Polish Beast”, Szymon Godziek, and Brandon Semenuk placing second and third, respectively. Despite spending the last three years away from Rampage dealing with injuries and an event hiatus, Rheeder and his team didn’t shy away from a daunting line choice and combined with his flawless execution of tricks and combinations, he secured the victory. Following his win, Rheeder said, “I didn't come out to win, to be honest. I just want to make sure whatever I do is for me.”
Well, Brett, it looks like that mentality paid off. While your ride may have been for you, we were thrilled to have seen it! (If you missed it, watch his winning run here.)
Congratulations to all the contestants on another epic Red Bull Rampage.


  • 1st. Brett Rheeder: 90.66
  • 2nd. Szymon Godziek: 86.33
  • 3rd. Brandon Semenuk: 84
  • 4th. Reed Boggs: 82.66
  • 5th. Thomas Genon: 81
  • 6th. Carson Storch: 77
  • 7th. Kurt Sorge: 74
  • 8th. Andreu Lacondeguy: 73
  • 9th. Jaxson Riddle: 67
  • 10th. Cam Zink: 66
  • 11th. Ethan Nell: 65.33
  • 12th. Tom Van Steenbergen: 63.66
  • 13th. DJ Brandt: 62.33
  • 14th. William Robert: 58
  • 15th. Dylan Stark: 53
  • 16th. Tyler McCaul: 37.66


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