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Pushing the Limits - Magicshine and the Mudslinger Oregon 24/12


July. 13 2023


For MTB enthusiasts seeking the ultimate challenge, the Mudslinger Oregon 24/12 race presents an unmatched opportunity. Sitting at the base of Mt. Bachelor at an elevation of approximately 5000 feet, the Oregon 24/12 pushes solo and team riders to their limits, all while managing to have a party like atmosphere. A 24 hour party in the woods, you say? Count Magicshine in.

Magicshine and the Oregon Mudders 24/12 Race

Magicshine: Illuminating the Path to Success

The Mudslinger Oregon 24/12 is a mountain biking race held in the high desert of Central Oregon, known for its diverse terrain and outstanding singletrack. The event offers two race options: a 24-hour solo or team endurance challenge, and a 12-hour solo or team race. Participants battle their way through an arduous 11-mile looped course, featuring treacherous climbs, thrilling descents, and rocky technical sections.

Magicshine and the Oregon Mudders 24/12 Race
Mudslinger organizes numerous XC, trail, and gravel races, but the Oregon 24/12 just completed its 13th year, so we we asked event director Mike Ripley why he loved this race in particular. With a big grin he replied, “We need a place for people to be social and night riding is awesome!” We couldn’t agree more, and we were proud to sponsor this event for a second year. This partnership is a natural fit, considering Magicshine's commitment to supporting adventure sports and providing athletes with reliable illumination. Mike commented, “Partnering with Magicshine has been amazing. They have great quality lights, and they keep people rolling safely, because you need to have quality lights, that’s for sure!”

Magicshine and the Oregon Mudders 24/12 Race
Mountain biking at night, especially in a demanding race like the Mudslinger Oregon 24/12, requires exceptional lighting equipment. Magicshine's innovative and durable bike lights have gained a reputation among outdoor enthusiasts for their reliability, brightness, and long-lasting battery life, ensuring riders can navigate challenging trails with confidence, even in low-light conditions.

Magicshine and the Oregon Mudders 24/12 Race
As part of our commitment to helping athletes push their limits (and our corporate mantra of “See more. Do better.”), we hooked up few solo riders and teams with some of our best lights. With the MONTEER 8000S V2.0 on the bars and the RAY 2600 on their helmets, our riders simply outshone the competition on the course, and it resulted in numerous podium finishes, including a 1st place finish in both the Women’s 12 Hour Solo event (Fer Mejia) and the Women’s 12 Hour Duo Event (Nikki Dinger and Jessica Chon). We congratulate them on their incredible accomplishments!

Magicshine and the Oregon Mudders 24/12 Race
From the comfort of our shaded booth, we had the opportunity to discuss our products with spectators and team participants who were ready to upgrade their lights. Without fail, guests were blown away by the quality of the helmet lights like our ALLTY or RAY series and the bar mounted lights like the MONTEER series. We even heard from some long-time customers, that the lights they purchased over 15 years ago are still keeping them safe and lighting their night journeys to this day!


The Mudslinger Oregon 24/12 is more than just a race, it's an unforgettable adventure that pushes riders to their limits. Magicshine's decision to sponsor the event reflects their dedication to supporting the mountain biking community and providing athletes with cutting-edge lighting solutions that enhance safety and performance. By joining forces with the Mudslinger Oregon 24/12, Magicshine illuminates the path for riders, empowering them to conquer the challenges ahead with confidence and enthusiasm.


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