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A Q&A with David Cachon for Magicshine

A Q&A with David Cachon for Magicshine

Jan 13 2023
I think motivation is always fluctuating, it's like a wave that you have to go looking for, not wait for it to come. You have to give it a spin so that the motivation is 100%, only then can you do great things. --- David Cachon

Magicshine: How and when it all started?
David: It all started the day that I got my first tricycle when I was not yet able to stand up and walk by myself. That same day an adult bicycle advancement me. I became very angry and try to tell my parents that I wanted a bike with the same wheel size, although they did not understand me because I knew not yet speak.

Magicshine: It seems that successful people are all like you who found a strong interest at a very young age and then live up to it then and forward. But there are also many who gave up halfway. How did you keep this aspiration all the way through? And how do you keep so keen on riding without being tired?
David: I think motivation is always fluctuating, it's like a wave that you have to go looking for, not wait for it to come. For that reason, currently my riding style is a mix of different styles that I try to take to special places. In 2023 I will be 45 years old, I am no longer a child, I have been on a bicycle for more than 40 years, you have to give it a spin so that the motivation is 100%, only then can you do great things. At the moment I don't stop having new and crazy ideas so I think there's still sane left for a while, hahaha.
Later came BMX and Trials competitions. With the Trials I had the opportunity to travel and visit many countries: United States, South America, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan ... After winning two titles as Biketrial World Champion and a Drop off Guinness World Record I fell in love deeply with the Mountain bike and all his disciplines: Freeride, Enduro, Trial, Dirt Jump, Gravel, Road Bike ...
What Began as a Dream Turned Into Reality
Magicshine: Great success should be shared and witnessed by many. Would you be willing to share with us and others with some videos/pictures/links?
David: LINK:
Currently try to mix all the styles I've learned and refined along the years. I try to apply them on my trips conducted across the world where the mission is riding on the most rare and special places on the planet, hoping to find that spot where no one has ever ridden on a bicycle. What began as a dream turned into reality and could be said that now I dedicate myself to daydreaming.

Magicshine: In this article, you highlight this point several times! It’s obvious that you are very interested in exploring good places for riding, which is also evident in the videos on your TikTok. After watching your videos on TikTok, I’ve noticed a habit--exploring interesting places for riding. And that’s why you are really different from others. If possible, would you like to share some nice places you knew with other bikers? Like by some videos/pictures/links?
David: If I believe that this is actually the case, it is about searching, exploring, discovering. They are sensations that together with the bicycle I love. There are places that, although due to logistical or meteorological reasons, were hard, the end result was worth it. I remember El Caminito del Rey, in southern Spain. The Montrebei Congost, one of the most exposed trails in the world. Also the trip to Peru and Laguna 69 where we had altitude sickness... from each trip you always have those memories that with time become epic, I think it's like a drug, you need more and more.
El Caminito del Rey:
Explore Places Where Nobody Has Ride Before
Magicshine:How would you define your riding style?
David: Well, currently away from competition and exploiting my riding in a different way: I try to find spectacular settings in cities and also in the mountains to integrate some tricks and create beautiful photographs that help inspire anyone who likes this sport.
It's about being creative, doing what no one has thought of before. In a certain way this is almost close to the artistic, riding, photography, video, culture, experiences, travel...

Magicshine: Obviously you spend significant time on your bike. How would you describe your riding style?
David: I like to make a fusion of different styles and influences like trial, bmx, downhill, freeride, enduro, gravel, road bike... for to reach a different, fun and characteristic way to ride bikes. I love to explore places where nobody has ride before on a bike or which at least nobody has ride in the same way.

Magicshine: What do you think of the difference between all these kinds of riding styles? And what do you think of the fusion of them? Could you show us some videos?
David: All of them are styles or disciplines that I am passionate about each one separately: gravel, ebikes, enduro, downhill, road bikes, bmx, trial... but when I mix them I still like them more, I think that this fusion is what keeps me motivated after so many years riding a bike.
Links: Road Bike Freestyle:
Monegros Desert Triangle:
A Crush at First Sight
Magicshine: And how did you start working with MagicShine?
David: It was a crush at first sight, I've been with them for about three years and I'm super happy to belong to this great family. People with a lot of passion for their work who transmit all of this in a great way to their products.

Magicshine: We feel it an honor to have you as our partner! We also feel grateful that you chose us! When our business started off and few knew us, it’s you that first chose us and helped us vigorously promote our brand. And from then until today, you are still together with us! Thank you so much! Could you tell us why you feel the desire to be an advocate for our brand? And what has kept the relationship with Magicshine positive during this whole time?
David: I was looking for a product that was smart, lightweight, practical and aesthetically modern, and Magicshine perfectly meets these requirements. When you go on adventures or explore new places you always come across unforeseen events and this is where you need to have good partners/products that respond perfectly. On the other hand, I think that this also helps Magicshine, I put the products to the test, in hostile places and in extreme conditions, I think there is no better test bench than that.

Magicshine: Do you have any ideas/suggestions for Magicshine to do better? And what are your expectations of Magicshine?
David: I think he is the perfect partner to be able to take adventures to the limit, in many occasions you have to explore some places at night and without his help this would be complicated.
On many occasions, cyclists forget that seeing and being seen is one of the most important things that we must take into account, at Magicshine they know it and that is why they pamper everything they do so much.
On my last adventure in the mountains, the lights were my salvation, there were moments of fog that made it impossible to see anything and thanks to the Monteer spotlight I was able to explore incredible places. There was also a path that started on a road at the top of a mountain pass, it got late and the sunlight disappeared because of a thick fog, cars passed by and thanks to the Seemee 508 rear light we were able to avoid a possible accident with passing cars.
It must be remembered that the lights are not only for the night, during the day they are very important to be seen, the weather can also change and surprise us with rain, snow or fog.

Magicshine: We are very happy to hear that our lights helped a lot for you! There must be unforgettable experiences/memories of you using our lights. Would you be willing to show us some nice pictures/videos/links about them?
Magicshine: You have traveled to many places and you have been able to cycle through places that many would like to visit. So far, which has been the place that has surprised you the most? Why?
David: The good thing about traveling is that every time you visit a new place you always leave with the feeling that this has been the best trip you have ever taken. Looking back, I remember that there are places that have left their mark on me. Maybe riding the streets of Jerusalem with my bike will always be a memory that I will have in my memory, that mixture of cultures and religions is incredible. Places like Lake Tahoe in California or the Itadori Mountains in Japan are also on my favorites list.

Magicshine: Please share some related pictures/videos/links! Do you have an exact plan when you head for a new place or do you wing it? Do you come up with any plans to explore other interesting places in the coming future? Which places will be luckily selected by you?
Links: Israel:
Great Wall:
David: In the most immediate plans, although I still do not have a set date, are the pyramids of Egypt, Cairo will be one of the next trips. I also want to visit the island of Madeira again, they have some incredible trails to ride a bike.
Endless Possibilities to Explore New Trails and Areas
Magicshine: Which requirements does your bike have to meet the demands of your riding style and what was your focus in selecting proper parts?
David: The most important for me is the relationship between weight and strength of the products I ride. Of course the geometry and design of these products are essential to reach all the goals I propose.

Magicshine: We’ve enjoyed this QnA session, David. One more question for you: as a professional MTB athlete, you must have ridden many types of bikes! Among of them, which one is your favorite? And what’s your advice for the beginners in terms of choosing a bike?
David: I have ridden and do ride many different types of bikes. I think that the most fun I currently have are electric bicycles, they provide endless possibilities to explore new trails and areas that are difficult to access for conventional bicycles.


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