Magicshine® Seemee 30 Bike Tail Light Combo

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  • Whole new bike lights combo of Magicshine, most feathery and slim size design with the latest transparent optical fibre, Magicshine SEEMEE 30 bike light comb brings you multi-direction warning protection

    -30 LM

    -IPX 6


    -USB rechargeable

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Combo version of the Seemee 30, including 1x white LED front light, and1x red LED rear light. The following features apply to both units in thepackage.

* 30 lumens max, 230 degrees visibility
* Ambient Light Sensor: Auto adjusts light mode and output depending on ambient conditions
* Low battery mode: Power saving flash mode triggered at 5% battery and lasts 20 min

* 1 constant and 4 flash modes, 3 brightness modes

* 2 hours runtime on highest brightness constant mode

* 24 g in weight

* USB rechargeable

* O-ring mount




1* Micro USB cable

2* Rubber ring

1* Use manual
1* Warranty card

* LUMEN: 30 LM
* Ambient light sensor
* DRL (Daytime Running Light)
* BATTERY: 7.2 v (2*3500mAh)
* SIZE: 61x14x21mm
* WEIGHT:24g

            The Smart & ‘Be Seen’ Magicshine Seemee 30 lights

When it comes to bike lights, they generally fall into two bins: thecompact ‘be seen’ type and the powerful ‘to see’ type. As the nameimplies, the ‘be seen’ lights ensure you are visible to others on theroad but don’t provide enough illumination to see with. The benefit ofthese style lights is that they are lightweight, compact, and offerversatile mounting. In this review we’ll be looking at the Magicshine Seemee30, their latest ‘be seen’ light combo set. With a low retail price,the headlight and tail light offers an impressive 30 lumen output alongwith an integrated ambient light sensor. Despite being the mostaffordable light in the updated Seemee lineup, the Seemee 30 also sharesthe same constant, flash and smart output modes. 

The Magicshine Seemee 30 are a compact and smart ‘be seen’ light set that offers features not typically seen at this price point.
CategoryBicycle Head Light/ Tail Light
Retail Price$29.99 ( or $16.99 for the tail light)
Measured Weight (in g)  26 (headlight) / 26(taillight)
Likes+ Battery status checker
+ Integrated ambient light sensor
+ Compact and lightweight form factor
Dislikes– Integrated battery
– Bodyclip mount is not included
– Confusing number of output modes
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