Mega Combo
25th-30th Nov. GMT-05:00
Enjoy 35% off for the Mega Combo and 30% for our best seller!

Best selling product with 30% off and extra 20$ gift card.

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How to enjoy double discount in shopping?

Learn More About Gift Cards

Gift cards available for purchase from 15th-22 NOV
Gift cards can be used 15th NOV-31st DEC

Spend US$1 to earn a gift card valued at US$20 for future shopping at 

*The gift card can also be used during our Black Friday event 25th-30th November with up to $240 off promotion to enjoy the double discount for your favorite items.

Even use it on our Mega Combo, exclusive during Black Friday!
  • The gift card is only available for purchases made on
  • You can only earn the gift card between 15th-22nd November. After that, it's not available. 
  • 200 gift cards only. The link will expire after it sells out. 
  • You will receive an email confirmation after your successful purchase.
  • Due to shipping costs, you can only use the US$20 gift card after you spend over US$49. 
  • The gift card value of US$20 will be immediately effective after your next purchase. The gift cards expire 31st December 2022. 
  • One person can earn up to 3 gift cards.
  • Only one gift card can be used per order.