How to choose Magicshine bike light?


  • Jonathan S. Fisher

    For years, I have felt that the Magicshine lights were the best bang for the buck in bicycle lighting. My ALLTY 2000 is so bright that I run it at lower power and get the same illumination but longer run time.

  • Hugo Corrales

    Buenas tardes deseo una luz trasera para recorridos diarios cuál me recomiendan gracias

  • Magicshine

    Hi Rider,

    Thanks for contacting us!

    In response to your question, we suggest that you provide your product model or product photos and videos to our after-sales staff email

    Someone will contact you and answer your questions in 24hours.

    Have a lovely day!

    Magicshine online store.

  • Olav Johan Hole

    I have a bikelihght from Magicshine.It has two ledlights and a lens for videorecording – to a storage card. I bought it on the shop XXL in Moa(ålesund, Norway.The 4 pin conectors between the charger and the battery and the lanp is broken so i have bought a neww battery. Now is the conector to the the lamp broken. I have been looking for a new lamp, the same or a similar one. But inwain. Are you not produsing the lamp with the videorecorder any more?

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