Hi Magicshiners,

This time I will talk about the frame of the mountain bike with you.

For the aluminum alloy mountain frame material, we only need to look at the welding point to know the material, which is generally argon-arc welding, because the welding seams are similar to fish scales, which are also called fish scale welding.

For aluminum alloy welding, manual processing is not easy, Because aluminum is easily oxidized when exposed to oxygen, so it is easy to form aluminum oxide, which increases the technical difficulty of welding.

Because it is easy to form welding slag, It is easy to produce bubbles pores during welding.

bike frame

Therefore, the aluminum oxide layer must be removed during welding.

The quality of welding determines whether the frame can become an indicator of safety technology.

Argon-arc welding uses a mixture of helium and nitrogen to achieve a weld joint to protect the product, remove oxygen, and achieve the purpose of welding.

There is also a new welding technique called flat welding.

No welding traces can be seen on the frame, The kind of welding method looks like you have not welded before.

In fact, the welding position is professionally polished after welding.

It's just processing, so it looks like the welded joint is very smooth, as if it has not been welded, but it is really beautiful.
bike frame

No matter how the frame is handled or polished, this can only be done if safety is ensured.

What I want to say here is that if you are buying a frame that is very cheap, you must be cautious, because The welding of the frame directly determines the important factor of safety.

Some famous brand factories use laser machines to inspect the welding, and you can see whether there are some operational errors such as bubbles and unstable welding during the welding process.

The only advantage of those fake and inferior frames is that the price is very cheap, and the other benefits are really unspeakable.

If we use fake and inferior frames during riding, accidents are likely to occur.
bike frame

Wish everyone can enjoy their cycling trip.