dring water

We all know that because of the high temperature in summer, we tend to get thirsty more easily during cycling.

Compared with the winter, we need to bring more water to our body.

Replenishment is necessary, but cycling in summer is not It’s just as simple as dring water

why many riders do not quench their thirst by drinking as much water after riding ?

This is because the body has not really absorbed water.

If riders want to form a good hydration state, please follow this article below. 


The hydration state refers to the process of combining substances and water.
A good hydration state means that the body fluid content of all parts of the body will be relatively balanced.

Drinking too much water will eventually be lost through urine and sweat, Therefore, it is not because the more water you drink, the easier it is for you to reach water and state


It is best to carry electrolyte-containing beverages during riding.

Electrolyte beverages not only prevent muscle cramps, but also can be more easily absorbed by the stomach and intestines and transported to the cells. 

It plays a very important role in maintaining the body's metabolism and body fluid balance. The salt is a kind of electrolyte.

A reasonable supplement of sports drinks can provide players with the necessary salt and minera

drink water

During the process of long-distance riding, We should reduce weight as much as possible, but water is essential.

There are many different kinds of drinks on the market, but most of them are not suitable for us.

Last time I took a long-distance ride, I only Bring two bottles of electrolyte beverages, two bottles of energy-replenishing beverages, and two bottles of mineral water.

These 6 bottles of water can maintain a 200-kilometer cycling distance, So it is enough take one bottle of electrolyte and one bottle of energy water for regular summer riding.

During the high-intensity riding in summer, when you feel thirsty, which prove your body is already in a state of mild dehydration.

This means you need to be hydrated as soon as possible, Otherwise, you are likely to get tired easily, heatstroke, or life-threaten.

drink water

The frequency of drinking water is also critical.

It is recommended to drink small amounts of water many times during riding, or to continue to replenish water for a long time after riding.

It is worth noting that do not replenish large amounts of water at one time, which will increase the burden on the intestines.