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ROULEUR Sports Sunglasses, Unleash the New World of Vision!

ROULEUR Sports Sunglasses, Unleash the New World of Vision!

Jun. 18 2024
ROULEUR, a top-notch sports sunglasses series, is designed to lead the pack with its exceptional optical clarity. Featuring a sleek semi-frame design and large PC lenses, these glasses offer both style and safety, ensuring unwavering focus on your performance with an expansive field of vision.

Go Further, Never Stop

In recent years, people's health concepts have gradually changed. They now focus not only on dietary regulation but also on improving physical quality. As more people join various sports, it's important to remember that while pursuing higher, faster, stronger, and more professional sports, we must also prioritize safety. For instance, protecting our eyes, the "window of our soul."
Based on a unique understanding of functionality, craftsmanship, and design, we redefine single-function products with the ROULEUR sports sunglasses series. These glasses blend sports, fashion, and lifestyle seamlessly.

Meet ROULEUR : 5 Styles, 17 Models

In pursuit of lightweight design and stylish functionality, we've meticulously curated a diverse range of glasses styles. From classic models to night vision, standard photochromic to coated photochromic, and basic models, there's a perfect pair for every occasion.

Classic Models

ROULEUR classic sports sunglasses feature lenses engineered for impact resistance, guaranteeing 100% UV protection. Each lens is adorned with a front-facing REVO coating, meticulously designed to restore true colors, amplify contrast, and deliver unparalleled visual clarity.

ROULEUR classic sports sunglasses

Night Vision Models

The first night-vision sports sunglasses from Magicshine, with high-contrast PC lenses, provide excellent night-time visual clarity and contrast, enhance the recognition of road surface details, and improve the safety of riding at night.
ROULEUR night vision sports sunglass

Photochromic Models

Standard photochromic models

Adapting seamlessly from cat. 1 to cat. 3 tint levels in response to light conditions, ROULEUR standard photochromic sunglasses offer comprehensive protection from intense sunlight, UV exposure, and glare. This adaptability ensures superior eye safety across day and night cycling adventures.
ROULEUR photochromic sports sunglasses

Coated photochromic models

The advanced coated photochromic models utilize state-of-the-art lens coating technology, enabling the tint to adjust dynamically from cat. 1 to cat. 3 based on ambient light. This transition affords effective defense against harsh sunlight, UV rays, and glare, making them ideal for any weather condition. The front REVO coating intensifies color perception and contrast, while the rear OAR coating substantially reduces glare, offering an unmatched visual experience.
ROULEUR coated photochromic sports sunglasses

Basic Models

ROULEUR basic sports sunglasses boast high-definition PC lenses that provide exceptional clarity. With a rear OAR coating for superior anti-glare performance and a smudge-resistant treatment on both sides, these lenses resist dirt, fingerprints, and oils, simplifying maintenance and augmenting protection.
ROULEUR basic sports sunglasses

Choose Your ROULEUR

As for fashion, ROULEUR excels with classic, night vision, standard photochromic, coated photochromic models and basic models. A total of 5 styles and 17 models to choose from, allowing for effortless mix and match. We believe it will become a favorite among sports enthusiasts.


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