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How to Choose a E-bike Light for Your Night Riding

How to Choose a E-bike Light for your night riding

Nathan Van De Graaff
Mar. 14 2023
Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and ability to help riders travel further and faster with less effort. However, when it comes to night riding, having proper e-bike lights is crucial for both visibility and safety. In this blog post, we'll cover the basics of e-bike lights and what to look for when choosing lights for your electric bike.

Why Do You Need Lights for Your E-Bike?

While lights are important for any bike, e-bikes present unique challenges that require special consideration. E-bikes are typically faster and heavier than traditional bikes, which means that the rider is traveling at higher speeds and requires more time to react to obstacles and hazards on the road or trail. Additionally, e-bike lights need to be bright enough to compensate for the increased speed, and durable enough to withstand the added weight and vibrations of the motor and battery. Certain countries (e.g., Germany) also have requirements about beam patterns, brightness levels, and flashing that may necessitate compliant lights.

What Types of E-Bike Lights Are There?

There are two main types of e-bike lights: front lights and rear lights. Front lights are mounted on the handlebars and are designed to illuminate the path ahead of the rider. Rear lights are typically mounted on the seat post or rear rack and are intended to make the rider visible to other road or trail users.

What Types of E-Bike Lights Does Magicshine Offer?

Magicshine currently offers 5 E-Bike specific front lights. These lights vary in terms of lumens, StVZO compliance, and ambient sensor technology. Take a look here here to see which light is right for you. Our E-Bike lights can be retrofitted so they’re powered directly by the bike’s battery, but it is essential to know what brand and model motor your bike has so the correct retrofit cable and light can be selected. (Click to know ebike lights compatibility) Some motors limit the voltage and power which may cap the effective brightness your Magicshine light can put out. We offer cables for all major battery companies including Shimano, Bosch and several others.
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E-bike lights are a crucial accessory for any night rider. When choosing e-bike lights, look for lights that are bright and durable. Ensure you select the right light and cable for your brand’s battery and motor and check out our install videos. If you have additional questions, our customer service reps are available to help you with your selection. With the right e-bike lights, you can ride safely and confidently, no matter where your adventure takes you.
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