Frequently Asked Questions

1. Spare parts and accessories

Yes, spare parts or accessories could be bought if you are in need.

We have distributors in UK/US/Germany/Finland/Norway/Switzerland, etc. Please contact us to get details, and we will recommend a nearest seller for you, also you could buy directly from us (shipping fee is not included).

2. Care and Battery Maintenance

Magicshine lights are waterproof, while the specific waterproof rate is different.

Yes. Short time water flushing will not cause damage to it, and specific waterproof rate is different.

Please recharge it 1 time every 3 months while storing it to improve battery service life.

500 charge cycles.

3. Analysis of frequently asked product problems

Please make sure if the battery works properly or not (the battery indicate lights will burn on when charging. Charging time in accordance with this feature listed on user manual or package), and if charging cable well connected, as these two factors will prevent light be turned on.

Please make sure the charging cable is well connected, as the loose connection may cause false charging. Also, please pay attention to use the Magicshine chargers, higher or lower voltage will cause damage of battery.

Please make sure if the battery work properly or not, and if you have set mode on Apps under App mode. If so, please delete the mode on App and try again. For all in one units, please try more time, if failed, please contact your original seller for help.

Please make sure the battery is in good maintenance. There will be capacity loss if left with no full charging every 3 months.

Generally, the battery life is 500 charge cycles, and the capacity will loss after long time use.

The burning time will become shorter when use under lower temperature condition.

Also, please make sure to process full charge for each charging, this will be good for battery maintenance.

In order to avoid unexpected damage to product, we suggest return to Magicshine for warranty.

4. Maintenance/Warranty/shipping Cost

You only need to bear shipping cost of sending out, and seller will bear cost of sending repaired product back to you.

You need to bear the maintenance cost (for example: which only includes the component parts, as we promise to customer enjoy lifetime maintenance of light, so cost will exclude our labor cost) and all the shipping cost of product sending out and back to you.