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Magicshine at China Cycle 2024


china cycle 2024 magicshine
On May 5th, cycling enthusiasts and industry insiders gathered at the Shanghai New International Expo Center for the 32nd China International Bicycle Fair, an event renowned for showcasing cutting-edge innovations in the cycling world. Over four exhilarating days, Magicshine proudly took center stage, unveiling an array of groundbreaking products and forging new partnerships that promise to shape the future of cycling.

ALLTY Series: A Full Upgrade Unleashed

RN1500 S Magicshine bike light RN1500 S Magicshine bike light
RN 1500S Magicshine bike light
At the forefront of Magicshine's showcase was the eagerly anticipated ALLTY series, marking a paradigm shift in bike light technology. Boasting a comprehensive overhaul, the innovative ALLTY light, specifically designed for underneath handlebar mounting, and is accompanied by the latest polarized lens technology. Offering seamless integration with wireless remote controls, these lights open the door to a new era of convenience and functionality, and set a new standard for performance on the road.

EVO 1700 Updated Version: Revolutionizing Bike Light Control

EVO 1700 pro under mount magicshine bike light
Taking innovation to new level, the EVO 1700 Updated Version redefines bike light control with its groundbreaking integration of Shimano's "D-fly" protocol. It is a game-changing innovation, as for the first time, the riders will be controlling their lights of the bicycle right from the Shimano Di2 shifter, seamlessly merging light control with bike component operations. So, what does this mean? The result is that the rider will experience unprecedented convenience and control like never before.

Introducing SEEMEE R300 Radar Taillight

In the buzz and excitement of the fair, nobody could take their attention away from the SEEMEE R300 radar taillight. With not just 300 lumens of brightness in its artillery, it comes with a warning distance over 2 km, and an incredible 54-hour battery life, what the taillight will provide to cyclists is unprecedented road protection. The SEEMEE R300 will ensure a long-time safe cycling in the day and night. We are thrilled to be able to introduce what is surely a game-changing development in the area of cyclist safety. This is one of the biggest announcements till now in 2024. We proudly present this game-changer in the realm of cyclist safety. This was one of the biggest announcement in early 2024 so far. We will be releasing more details very soon.

ROULEUR Cycling Glasses: A New Vision 

ROULEUR Cycling Glasses magicshine cycling gears ROULEUR Cycling Glasses magicshine cycling gears
wearing ROULEUR Cycling Glasses1
The ROULEUR Cycling Glasses were more excellent than before, and the latest Magicshine cycling gears were on display. Cyclists were impressed with the sneak peek they had of the latest ROULEUR sports glasses, so fine-tuned to provide better performance under any condition. The NightPure lens technology provides groundbreaking clarity and contrast for night riding, ensuring the cyclist has the best possible view of the road. Available in five dynamic styles, the ROULEUR range will make cyclists change how they see the road in front of them.

Trailblazing is Ongoing: Magicshine's Vision

As the curtains on the fair were ready to be drawn, Magicshine continued to ensure that innovation and excellence were alive in the cycling sector. Committed to continually pushing the boundaries and driving technology forward, Magicshine will always be there as the leader in cycling innovation, making sure cyclists can carry on riding with confidence and peace of mind.

EUROBIKE Show 2024 is Coming!


The success story continues for Magicshine, with our participation in the China International Bicycle Fair. We can't wait for the EUROBIKE SHOW 2024! Follow us in our journey as we travel on exploring and inventing the future of cycling—one innovation at a time. See you there!


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