Ready to give night riding a try on your favorite trails

Southern Oregon trails are in their prime during the dark, wet months of February and March. For some riders, it can be a challenge to make time to to hit their favorite trails because of the lack of daylight, and weekend rides become the only option for many. That's where Magicshine shines; pun absolutely intended.

High-powered lights like the Magicshine Monteer 8000S V2.0 paired with a helmet light like the Magicshine Ray 2600 give riders an opportunity to make the most of these ideal trail conditions and expand the number of hours they can spend on their bikes in the winter. Combined, that's over 10,000 lumens lighting up the forest! That's why Magicshine has partnered with Ashland DEVO, a youth MTB organization in Ashland, Oregon, to help riders get out and ride.

On a cold night in February under a full moon, we armed the coaches of Ashland DEVO with a variety of lights and gear to show them just how accessible the trails remain after dark. With helmet lights and handlebar lights set up, we pushed out just as the sun was setting. We made our way through town to the lower elevations of trails and began the steady 4.5 mile climb on dark fire roads to the trailhead where the fun began. According to one of the riders, "I expected that picking out lines on more technical trails would be a real challenge in the dark, but the combination of headlights and lights on my handlebars helped create shadows and give the techy features more contrast."

The line of nearly twenty riders could be seen making their way down the mountain, swooping through the flowy sections of trail in blurs of light. All of these riders were intimately familiar with these local trails, but at night they become almost like new trails. Still, at each of the regrouping spots, the coaches expressed their surprise at how quickly they were able to descend. "I was seriously impressed," said Mark Miller.

After returning to town, we gathered at a local bike shop that set up a portable firepit for us to thaw out our fingers and share a few laughs with cold drinks in hand. Magicshine is thrilled to sponsor Ashland DEVO and support the youth MTB movement. In the next few weeks, we'll take these youth riders out and give them an opportunity to get in a few laps before the season officially begins. Speaking about the ride, Casey Botts, one of the directors of the program, said, "Fun times! I'm stoked for the kids' ride too!" 

 Ready to give night riding a try on your favorite trails while the trails are still in great condition? Then head to and pick up a few lights today!


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