Harper L

Magicshine Product Manager

From different feedback from customers towards ALLTY 1000, we improved the whole series, extended the series from 400 - 2000 LM, and applied positive features like DRL, anti-glare lens, Garmin mount, also adopted USB-C charging function to new ALLTY 400/600/800.

We strive to improve the tech and make the size smaller but the function more powerful and even convenient to use.

Be Smart, See Better

It doesn’t mean that there were no ALLTY before and after ALLTY 1000, ALLTY MINI & ALLTY 300/500 had taken place before, and ALLTY MINI is still in the market but ALLTY 1000 opened the door of creativity and potentiality for the new generation of bike riders.

Now MAGICSHINE is promoting ALLTY 400/ALLTY 600/ALLTY 1000/ALLTY 1500/ALLTY 2000

For users looking for road safety, ALLTY 400/ALLTY 600/ALLTY 800 meets the need with not only enough power for illumination but also the user care anti-glare design and USB-C fast charging (which increases the charging efficiency and reduces charging time).

For off-road and MTB riders, ALLTY 1000-2000 can be a smart choice for helmet light. 

With the compact size, compact Garmin mount, and enduro burning time. 

Together with TTA multifunctional mount, you define the mounting type.

Main features compare between NEW ALLTY series

We are open to user's opinions and you can follow us on IG @magicshinelighting to share your stories.

Your satisfaction is our great motivation, and in the future, we strive to provide comprehensive lighting solutions and services for customers over the world.

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