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Magicshine With China Tibet Cycle Challenge

“China Tibet Eight Days Cycle Challenge” is an annual endurance event that is regarded as the toughest cycle challenge along with American RAAM, and Paris-Brest-Paris. This year at 20th May, Participants have to climb 25 mountains over 4000 meters, and cover a total cycling course of 2160km. All participants are self-supported and need to complete the ride within 8 days, which means that they have to ride day and night. However, because of the complex and high terrain, the weather in Tibet is changing all the time. You can experience almost four seasons in one day, heavy rains, storms, hot, snow and hails. To help all riders complete the course earlier and safer, Magicshine support all 13 riders (2 females and 11 males) with reliable high quality bike lights.

Races retrospection:

Ride in the 4km mountain places, and the weather here changed quickly. Riders rode in the heavy rain, and suffered from snows, riding all day long with the expectation to reach the final place earlier. 

Riders rested for a short time at each station and then just started again. While the unexpected heavy snow has almost cut the road, it has become colder and colder, and it is such a challenge to ride on slippery road. One of the rider Xiu fall on the road, broke his arm and had to stop the race this afternoon, and all others are keep riding. Magicshine lights is confident to follow them all the ways!

Started at 2 or 3 am, riders (11left) cycling through wind and snow at the altitude over 4000m, fixed their punctured bicycles again and again, and hit the road without hesitation. Each of them keeps riding over 20 hours every single day. Cheer for all!

Nearer to the final. We gonna finish the rest of the whole 4km length trail within two days. Unfortunately, another teammate fell, hurt his leg seriously and had to stop the race. Respect still for his challenging spirit and bless for all other riders!
Night: So late at night (23:17) but, those riders just want to keep riding because they wanna break last year’s record. What' s more, we met hailstorm this afternoon. Crazy experience but so much worth it! Magicshine, always light up the trail even in harsh environment!
(Tibet is where that you can experience four seasons in one day. Thanks for the help from many local people. And the hard work is going on, we are determined to move on!)

We found happiness in ordinary things. 21 hours riding without rest, and met sleet and hail on the way to Lhasa. Riders' clothes got wet and bound their legs with plastic film to keep warm, but still with smile on their faces. Thanks to this event that we have made so many great friends, and so much priceless memories.

Day 6:
World new cycling record. Rider Sun hui, 33 years old, finished the whole 2160km course for 6 days and 56 minutes. This is his fifth time to take Tibet cycle challenge, and the fifth time to won the champion. The fastest speed ever! While the other 8 riders are still on the way, (two females and six male riders), and have been speed up to reach the final. Cheer for them and follow us to watch more.

Day 7:
Tomorrow is the last day of Tibet cycle challenge. Riders have been riding for seven days, over 200 hours, and they are still keep riding heading for the Potala palace with the expectation of their supporters and followers. Cheer for all!
Afternoon: Congratulations for the second place--Liu Yaoyao, who finished the who course for 6day and 14 hours! Still following all other riders. And this process just taught us a lesson of the power of nature. A life time memory.

Congratulations to the third place owner Dai ! 6 days 18 hours and 25minutes ! Cheer for all other riders who are struggling to make the final place ! 

Finally, the first female rider Liu Yaoyao arrived after 8days and 8hours (2160km). Although this 8 days' cycling race was ended, the competition to ourselves is still going on. And cheer for all women riders! Fight for honor, for better us. ??

Great memories with Tibet and all participants!