Magicshine MJ-6210B Bluetooth Remote Control

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Bluetooth Wireless remote control for Magicshine light Bluetooth bike lights.

NOT compatible with any front and tail lights using the 2.4g technology, such as MJ-900/902/906/908 or the round/4pin type tail lights.

Pairing process is largely automatically, the Bluetooth remote, upon pressing the main button, automatically pairs with any Bluetooth bike light that is connected to a battery in the vicinity.  Unlike the 2.4g version, this Bluetooth remote can only control one bike light at a time.

Compatible with MJ-900B, MJ-902B, MJ-906B bike lights.

The remote uses CR-2025 battery to function, one is included by default.

Come with O-ring for handle bar mounting.

Must be paired before use.
When not in use, the remote causes the light to continuously draw small amounts of power from the battery pack, this process will drain a fully charged battery in 1-2 weeks. Therefore we recommend disconnecting the light from its battery after each ride.