MJ 900 Classic MTB Light

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  • Magicshine MJ-900 compact powerful bike light

    LUMEN: 1200

    BATTERY: 7.2V 2.6AH

    RUNTIME: 2.6H


    WEIGHT: 17 oz

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MJ-900 is a 1200 lumens ultra-compact bike front light with rechargeable Li-ion battery pack.

  • Battery Indicator -- Back lit power switch will light up when the remaining battery capacity is 30% or below. 
  • Efficient Cooling System -- The MJ-900 bike LED light is built with intelligent overheat protection mechanism, aluminum alloy maximizes the surface area to allow efficient cooling while the plastic shell covers the whole system providing added protection. 
  • Battery Non-Slip Pad -- Silicon padding is built onto the contact side of the battery pack to provide protection for your bike frames and to stabilize the battery during rigorous riding. 
  • Battery Pack -- The MJ-900 LED light for bike comes with a tiny 2.6mAh battery as standard; powered by Li-ion battery cells, waterproof design on casing and cable, silicone pad to protect the frame, and straps to fasten the nylon tape onto the battery unit.
  • Different type of  versatile straps secure it to all common and aero handlebar sizes

Box Contents

1* MJ-900

1* Battery pack

1* Silicon straps

1* Micro USB Cable

1* Nylon Straps

1* Use manual

1* Warranty card

                                                     Magicshine mj 900

he Magicshine MJ-900 is a reasonably powerful front light that comes in a tiny, lightweight package, pitched at an attractive price point. On the whole it looks pretty good and there is a lot to like. The only real thorn in its side is the average beam pattern. 

Buy now from {merchant} ({price}), {merchant} ({price}), and {merchant} ({price})." data-type="in-text">Cycle lighting technology moves fast; even four or five years ago you would have struggled to get a durable 1200-lumen front light for anywhere near a hundred quid, let alone half that. But that's exactly what Magicshine has achieved here with its MJ-900.It doesn't weigh a lot, just 190g, which is pretty impressive for an external battery system, and the head unit is so tiny it doesn't take up much real estate on your handlebar – an important consideration with Garmins and the like taking over the cockpit.

The head unit is fitted in place with a simple o-ring, which makes attaching and removing the light a simple operation, ideal if you need to leave your bike somewhere public. The downside is that road vibrations make it creep around the bar, normally backwards so that the beam continues to rise higher into the sky. 

On really rough roads you have to constantly adjust it.The hard body battery pack is held in place with a wide Velcro strap and it gives a much more secure fit. The battery pack itself has a curved cutout on the bottom with a rubber insert, so it's perfect for attaching to the top tube or under the stem.While we're on the subject of the battery pack, it has a 2.6Ah 7.4W capacity, which will chuck out full power for 2hrs 18mins – if you're lucky. 

The best I got was 1hr 56mins and up to 10 minutes less sometimes. The on/off button illuminates when the light is on, turning brighter when the battery has about 20 minutes left so you do get some warning.On my first ride with the MJ-900 I used the 50% mode for the majority of the time; that should have given me a smidge over 4hrs, but I got 2hrs 8mins before it died. Things improved over time, but it still wasn't really a light I felt like trusting on a reasonably long ride.

The beam pattern isn't ideal either, especially on the road – it's nothing more than a glorified torch really. A lot of people criticise lights that cost hundreds of pounds, but in many cases a large portion of that money goes on the reflector R&D – that's how the likes of Hope and Exposure really make the most out of the available lumens.The full mode here is a claimed 1200 lumen, but what the MJ-900 actually achieves with that is very little with its 20-degree beam angle. Out on the road you get a very bright central spot with a lot of light bleed around the edges – basically illuminating everything from the road surface to the tops of the trees. You can never get the position quite right – you're either lighting up your front tyre or birds' nests.The build quality seems pretty good – I can't see anything that would suggest it's going to fall apart any time soon. It stood up to heavy rain as well with no issues and no water getting into any connection points or the main body.In conclusion, the Magicshine MJ-900 is light, easy to use and reasonably priced, but in terms of illumination you're better off spending a little bit more on something more refined, beam-wise. Here, there is so much light going off in all directions that it really irritates oncoming drivers, and if you dip the light down the bright centre spot ends up too close to your front wheel to be able to see far enough up the road. If you ride a lot on quiet, unlit country lanes, canal paths, that type of thing it's fine, but anywhere there is likely to be a lot of oncoming traffic the Magicshine is quite antisocial.


 Rate the light for quality of construction:8/10Considering the price it looks and feels decent quality.Rate the light for design and ease of use. How simple was the light to use?9/10Very simple, just one button to scroll through.Rate the light for the design and usability of the clamping system/s5/10Using an o-ring is okay for a light that you just need to be seen by, as it doesn't haven't to be spot on. 

But the MJ-900 tends to creep round the bar through vibration so you constantly have to tweak it up or down.The Velcro fitting for the battery pack and wire keeps those parts secure.Rate the light for waterproofing. How did it stand up to the elements?8/10I didn't have any issues with it in the rain. 

Rate the light for battery life. How long did it last? How long did it take to recharge?5/10I spent the majority of the time in 50% mode on its first ride and it failed on me after just 2hrs 8mins instead of the 4hrs promised. After that things got better, although I'd struggle to get to 2hrs on full (2hrs 18mins claimed) at around 1hr 54mins. It wasn't really a light I felt like I could truly rely on, so always had a backup.

Rate the light for performance:5/10The beam is nothing more than a glorified torch with a large round bright centre and lesser light spilling off around it. The LED may be capable of the claimed 1200 lumens but the reflector certainly isn't doing much with it. The Exposure Sirius Mk4 recently tested may look similar on the beam comparison but in real use it's far superior, and that's a light that isn't intended for riding on unlit roads, more of an urban commuter.To get the right amount of light where you want it with the MJ-900 (a brighter pool about 6-8ft in front with lesser light heading off up the road) you have the option of pointing it right down in front of your tyre and reducing the distance you can see, or pointing it upwards and lighting up the inside of every oncoming car and tree top. I imagine it'd be much more useful off road. 

Rate the light for durability:7/10It doesn't feel as high quality as many other units, but nothing's failed yet. 

Rate the light for weight:9/10One of its high points. It weighs next to nothing.Rate the light for value:6/10.It's cheap for an external battery system, but I'd rather pay a bit more for something like a Niterider 720, which has a more solid feel and a decent beam pattern.

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