ME 1000 E-BIKE Light

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* Make sure you choose a right connecting cable for your e-bike motor.


Detail of Engine Cable

  • ME 1000, designed specifically for e-bike riders, is connected and powered directly by the output of the e-bike motor  (Shimano, Bosch, Brose,Yamaha).
    * Must work with E-Bike Cable
    Anti-Glare Lens.
    Daytime Running Light .
    Ambient Light Sensor.
    Lumen: 1000
    Waterproof: IPX 6
    Application: E-Bike; Road, Off-Road.
    Aluminum alloy case.
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ME 1000

The quality and functionality of the bike lighting system are equally important during the day as in the night. When the night settlesin, a bike light’s obvious purpose would be to illuminate the path ahead, alerting the cyclists of all incoming obstacles. With naturallighting abound, a bike light’s main responsibility during the day is to provide the cyclist adequate passive be-seen visibility among and the fast moving, ironclad motorists. The cyclist’s road presence is vitally important with modern day E-Bikes moving much morequickly and silently than traditional bicycles. We have taken into account many variables unique to E-Bikes and tailored the design of our latest 

ME line of lighting system to deliver top notch performance and safety for our E-Bike cyclists.
ME 1000, the first E-Bike specific bike light of MAGICSHINE, powered via battery/motor system, allowing you to do away with thetraditional onboard battery system. After years of research and development, ME 1000’s front lens has been fine tuned to make the most of its extremely power efficient LED, the two are perfectly matched to provide a maximum output of 1000 lumens, carpeting the entire frontal section with no sharp edge nor hot spots. Beam reach and spread has been adjusted to optimize the rider’s reaction time to incoming obstacles at moderate speeds. 

During daytime, the always on Daytime Running Light significantly enhances the rider’s road presence at very little power consumption, when entering a tunnel or shortly after sun down, light’s output automatically switches to full power mode with its ambient light detection. In an effort to maximize the versatile purposes of the ME 1000, we have
added side lighting and anti-glare to fully round out ME 1000’s active and passive safety features under all weather and road conditions.

The adjustable light head of the ME 1000 provides a wide arc of lighting area(up to 45°, down to 90°). Vertical light is diffused pasteye level, reducing its blinding effect for oncoming traffic, side lighting allows better visibility for traffic along side the rider. Durable and seamless one piece aluminum alloy housing is fully integrated with its one prong aluminum mount, which can be installed on either side of the stem on the handlebar without removing a grip, shifters or brake levers, providing unprecedented stability, thoughonly compatible with 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars. Heat control is streamlined with its internal smart thermal protection circuit and dissipation properties of the shell material, max output levels can be maintained throughout your ride with internal components well protected from overheating. Seamless design also allows IPX6 waterproof rating.Various output specifications provided by most manufacturers are of no issue as long as the voltage is within the 6 -12 V range, the ME 1000 automatically detects the system output and adapts to available power (6v/12v Bosch, Shimano, Brose, Yamaha).
Embark on safe journeys with ME 1000 as your guiding light!


Box Contents

ME 1000 x 1

Silicone Pad x 2

3mm hex x 1

User Manual x 1

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