Magicshine China Tibet Cycle Challenge Sponsorship
By Gen X.H. | 27 June 2019 | 0 Comments

Magicshine China Tibet Cycle Challenge Sponsorship

Hey guys, no matter if we know each other, if you like cycling, then we are in the same family.

This year, we 13 participants climbed 25 mountains over 4000 meters, and cover a total cycling course of 2160km, started from Chengdu and arrived at Lhasa. Honestly, I quitted the race at the third day for hurting my knees seriously. But it was still a very cherish memory for me.

After the race, many people asked me some questions about this competition and my personal life. I’ve listed some of them:
  1. What is the most beautiful scene you saw along the trail?
“I’d seen many stunning nature sceneries: the vast grassland and Gobi Desert; wild wood and rivers. But the most impressive one were those participants who full of confidence to themselves and challenge their own limitation.”
  1. What did you say to your wife when first saw her after the race?
“While my knees got seriously hurt and my bike broke. She looked really worried, and the first word I said to her was ‘I’m OK’. Things happened, and I didn’t want her to worry about me.”
  1. Will you still take the race next year, and what is the most challenging thing you’d met in the race?
“I’m still thinking about it. To finish the race, I need good training, enough time as well as good bike and equipment sponsors.”
  1. How you think about the competition result?
To me the process is more important. Relax myself and enjoy!
  1. What is the most important equipment for you?
“First of all, you need a good bike. And rain gears are important cuz it rains a lot and will become extremely cold. For accessories, you must have good bike lights. A good light lights up the way in the night and gives you confidence.”
  1. You are using Magicshine light, what do you like their products most?
“I use Magicshine light at 2018 and 2019. And this year, not only me but every cyclist used Magicshine lights. They have beautiful exterior, feeling soft, and high quality interior. My bike fell down for several times but the light was always in good condition. Easy to use and very compact. Most importantly, it’s super bright and has good waterproof function. The 21700 battery is powerful indeed! “
  1. What do you think is the best way to get along with your wife?
“Just be patient, tolerant and understanding.”

Those are the main question that I received. If you are interested in this race, just try to sign for it!

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