How to Choose Bike Lights
By Magicshine | 25 March 2020 | 0 Comments

How to Choose Bike Lights

As most of us are riding at the early or late in the day, a proper bike light will help us to see what's ahead of us, and to be seen in the traffic by other riders, drivers and pedestrians. Hence to fully enjoy night time riding! 
In this article, we will discuss this topic from three dimensions, and help you to choose the right lights.
While the first question before we start is:
Do you want to see, be seen, or both?

Generally, light that is for SEE has greater brightness and narrower beam angle. 
And light that is for BEING SEEN has wider beam and side illumination, as well as lower lumens of light output.  

Where do you ride ?
  1. For regular commuters, the focus is to see and be seen. You need a bright light to help you see all day, which won't blind oncoming traffic and people's eyes. Thus, the DRL (daytime running light) integrated light ALLTY 1000, meets your requirement since it can output maximum 1000 lumens--to let you see all day, and DRL ---to differentiate you and keep you being seen all day long. The internal 4000mAh battery capacity will satisfy most of your riding activities. Also, ALLTY 500 (front and rear light comb) should be proper as well. 
While you may think you only need lights in the dark, a reported eight out of ten cycling accidents occurring during the day, and the number one thing to make cyclists safer is to use lights during the day according to a Denmark-based study.

  1. If you are riding on the trail or road with no much ambient light, and no threat of heavy traffic, then you may look for a higher lumen count and narrow beam angle, to let you focus down the road and see well what's ahead, and a helmet to let you see in broader directions. Suggest ALLTY 2000, high lumen, focused beam, and easy transfer to a helmet light.  
  1. For mountain biking, go for a light that outputs high lumens and broad beam angle (Magicshine lights that over 3000 lumens are suggested). Also we suggest mountain bikers to take a helmet light with high lumen and narrow beam, to help you see far ahead, prepare for corners, and find you the best approach.
Mounting Options
Most lights are either fixed with Velcro, or are mounted using a stretchable rubber strap. Magicshine headlights mainly use adjustable O rings (Velcro to attach battery pack) for separated bike light and quick released standard\ Garmin mount for all-in-one bike light (light with internal battery). And all of them can be mounted on helmet. Especially with TTA mount, lights can be mounted with GOPRO camera, computer and phone. Attention that, if your bike has non-circular bar (aero bar), you should choose compatible light like Monteer 1400/ALLTY 2000/ ALLTY 1000 that can be mounted on both standard or aero bars.  

Maintaining Your Battery System
Inactive batteries lose their charge over time, so be sure to fully charge them before storage. Magicshine lights has smart charging control system to prevent overcharging.
While battery life is influenced by many factors, such as battery type (lithium ion battery offers excellent power and long run time), LEDs, using conditions, etc. To save battery, you can save the flash mode for daytime use, and switch to a low illumination level when there’s ambient light. ALLTY 2000 allows you to see the real time available run time in selected lighting mode and brightness on its OLED screen.
Also, you can extend the run time with extra batteries. Many compact headlight allows you to change batteries (MONTEER 1400, ALLTY 2000).
Magicshine is developing head light that is smaller, lighter and more powerful, also with aesthetic design (product won 2019 Red Dot Design Award). We believe that the appearance is important as the internal function, which gives you more confidence and makes your bike even unique.

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