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ALLTY-1000. Won From 6300 Entries

Not every bike light can win international acknowledgement.


39 experts from 31 countries composed the jury team for 2019 red dot design award team.

They searched for good design and innovation from over 6300 entries over the world.  

ALLTTY 1000 is one of those who has won the international acknowlegement.

On July 8th,2019, Magicshine Team went to Red Dot Designer’s night, and was awarded with the product design certificate. Thanks for Red Dot official team that we have enjoyed a very fantastic night !


Besides, in the place, there are many impressing design and high quality products from different industry areas. The development of technology has made people’s life and work becoming even better.

But you may think why did ALLTY 1000 win ?  Is it just a reputaion ?



“ It won for the independent daytime running light concept, much reduced look and high quality” (please download red dot app or go to red dot website to know more detail)


Reports say that about 700 cyclists were killed during bicycle accident every year, and the number is climbing. while daytime running lights reduce cyclist accidents by 32%.


ALLTY 1000 is the first bike light that has independent unit for DRL, to save energy and make the performance even efficient and reliable.


Pursuing for perfect, each part of ALLTY 1000 was designed maticulously. Latest battery cell, CNC technology, avaition alloy housing with IPX7, comfortable control button and so forth. With versatile straps, TTA mount and helmet mount, it can just be mounted tightly in different bars and helmet tightly.


But the best one doesn’t have to be the most expensive one.


Keep struggling for better and let us hear your needs.

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