Warranty Policy:

1.If customer make product registration , there will be an extra 6 months warranty bonus ,battery excluded!

2. Warranty validitation:

 Light head: 24 months since purchase date.
 Battery :  6months since purchase date. 
Rewmark:  All-in-one light (battery built in , can not taken out ) has 24 months warranty. 

  • Attention: If battery sit in customer's stock over a year, we will not do free warranty. As the battery has its own lifetime, pls kindly make full charge once per 2-3 months due to daily maintenance
  • Warranty starts from customer purchase day and the purchase record is main warranty proof, so please keep it safely!
If purchase record is not available, we will calculate warranty base on MO date, postpone 90 days as the valid warranty period.
If both purchase record and warranty card are not available, warranty period will be based on product Series Number, postpone 90 days as the valid warranty period, if component without SN, then product cannot enjoy the free warranty.
Below is an example to show MO sticker on user manual/warranty card/packing box.

3. Warranty restrictive clauses
 Bellowing Clauses apply for both Magicshine lights and accessories, and Magicshine will cancel customer warranty right if any bellowing situation occurs:
A: Customer who detach the product by themselves without approval of Magicshine.
B: Damages from road hazards, improper installation or operation, or willful abuse.
C: Overdue warranty period, including extra 6 months’ warranty bonus. If would like product get repaired, then will charge the related cost.
D: No warranty card or purchase record.
4. Bellowing circumstances are beyond warranty service
A: No warranty card/purchase record or warranty card number is not completed.
B: Damages caused by not using Magicshine accessories (e.g.: battery/charger…etc).
C: Damages caused by accident or any improper maintenance.
D: Damages caused by improper manual test or adjustments.
E: Cable breakage not caused by material or quality.
F: The product cell or any outer part damaged during riding.
G: Using any improper connection accessories.
H: Any inner or outer packing.
5. Product Return Authorization & Procedures
The product return authorization is used for your product return, repair or warranty. It contains the product serial number (indicates the date of warranty began) which on your light package, name, address, phone number, the light model, and the description on problems of your product.
Return procedures:
You should first check with your original seller about the product problems, in order to get preliminary analysis from them. Then get confirmation if need to return back to seller, please do not send back to Magicshine directly without confirmation.
Please offer the MO number (the MO number is attached on the package/user manual /or warranty card) and purchase record (which indicate your purchase date) to seller.
If product is under warranty, please follow seller’s instruction to proceed return step.
If product is overdue warranty, please discuss with seller about repair/shipping cost and other details, then follow their instruction to return it back.
6.  Lifetime Free Technical Support
Magicshine offers free technical support. If you have any question on your Magicshine light, welcome to contact our Magicshine. Our  customer support team is here to help you all the time!
Warranty does not cover consequential damage, or damage or inconvenience caused by non-operation of the product. Magicshine’s liability is limited to either free repair or free replacement of warranted merchandise at Magicshine’s discretion. No credits or refunds will be issued.
Buyer should immediately check the product for proper operation after receipt; otherwise the goods are considered as accepted.

Warranty is only valid to the original owner. Proof of purchase is required when obtaining warranty service. Systems returned without a sales receipt will have the warranty beginning on the date of manufacture.
At its sole discretion, Magicshine agrees to repair or replace products deemed by Magicshine lights to be defective. Magicshine reserve the right to replace a product with a like replacement that fulfils the same purpose. This replacement product may have graphics or finishing different from the original.
This limited warranty is in lieu of any other express or implied warranties, including implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or other similar standard. To the extent allowed by law, Magicshine is not responsible for any incidental, consequential, or special damages associated with a warranty claim.